I’d pay good money to see this.

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Bad Dog by Richard Jackson

This 28 foot high sculpture was created by Richard Jackson, and is found outside the Orange County Museum of Art. As you can imagine the dog attracts a lot of attention from passers by, both negative and positive, but I personally think it’s pretty funny. The huge Labrador sculpture is rigged to spray yellow paint on the side of the museum, as well as anyone unfortunate enough to walk under it at the wrong time I presume. The sculpture is part of Richard Jackson’s “Aint Painting A Pain” exhibition, which runs until May 2013.

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Bottleneck Gallery’s ‘Alternate Ending’ Artshow

New York’s Bottleneck Gallery organized a cool artshow called “Alternate Ending”, asking artists to imagine different endings to various classic movies. Here is my own selection of the artworks featured. And if you’re a New Yorker, don’t forget to have a look at this show that ends on the 4th of January !

La Bottleneck Gallery de New York a récemment organisé une expo du nom de “Alternate Endings”, où les artistes avaient pour mission d’imaginer des fins différentes à différents grands classiques du cinéma. Voici ma petite sélection perso, avec encore plus d’oeuvres dans la suite de l’article. Et si vous passez du côté de New York, n’hésitez pas, c’est jusqu’au 4 janvier !


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